Your Food, Now Express Delivered!

Express Delivery

In case you are train tripping and have missed ordering your food 60 minutes before reaching the station, you still have a reason to rejoice.
Confused? Don’t be, as you can now get hot, hygienic, yummilicious food Express Delivery right at your berth via food delivery service. That’s true! Know all about RailYatri’s Express Food Delivery services and make sure you try us on your next train trip. Read on…
Q. What is Express Delivery?
A. Express Delivery, as the name suggests is a specially designed module by which our restaurant partners deliver some selected dishes to you within 30 minutes of receiving your order.
Over the past couple of years, we’ve heard numerous incidents where users either forgot to place their order 60 minutes before reaching a selected station, or missed ordering because of one reason or the other. Eventually, they ended up consuming unhygienic station or train food, or deciding to remain empty stomach for hours before they found warm, healthy and hygienic food.
Q. Can I order anything and everything via Express Delivery?
A. Not everything, but anything which our restaurant partners can promise and deliver hot and fresh within 30 minutes of receiving your order. Most of our restaurant partners express deliver food. They have a special, carefully curated ‘Express Menu’ which has a gamut of options from quick-byte items like snacks & sandwiches to sumptuous thalis and combos.
All you have to do is – add your favourite ‘Express Delivery’ dish from the menu to your cart and pay using one of the many payment options. It’s that simple, but don’t forget the 30 minute rule coz we’ll hate to see you remain empty stomach for too long.
Q. Do Express Delivery restaurants also cater to normal orders?
A. Certainly, most of your express delivery kitchens take normal orders. Place your order at least an hour before your train’s arrival time at the selected station.
Q. Do I have to pay anything extra to avail this service? 
A. We leave some decisions to our restaurant partners’ wisdom. You may have to shell out a negligible amount as express delivery charges when you order from some of our restaurant partners. Nevertheless, we will try to make up for the same by offering an unmatched, yummilicious dining experience right on your seat!

Delightfully Low Prices. No Minimum Order Sizes!

Yes, you read that right! After the revised GST prices, our food prices have fallen. You can now order as much food as you like at delightfully low prices. Not just that, if you wish to order just beverages, or may be a sweet, please go ahead and do that! We have no minimum order size. All this and more only to make your train journeys yummier than the yummiest!

Coca-Cola boards RailYatri!

Coca-Cola has boarded the Trains and we’re glad they chose us to be their partners. Now when you order a meal with RailYatri, don’t forget to order your favourite Coca-Cola along. This is just another step towards making train journeys truly delicious. We’re also continuously adding more items to our food menu so as to offer train travellers with a wide variety of choices to order from. Following are some regional dishes that were recently added

– Lucknowi Kebabs

– Assamese Chicken with Bamboo Shoot & Rice combo

– Rajasthani Dal Baati Choorma

and many more

Check our food on train menu here-

When a mother’s train journey became joyful!

Smitha, a mother of two kids boarded the train with a lot of anxiety and doubts. She didn’t have the customary ‘Ghar Ka Dabba’ this time and didn’t want her kids to eat the food being served on train. That was when she decided to try RailYatri. She chose to order a Veg Wow Box for herself and a Chinese Wow Box for her kids. The food arrived on time, on seat and looked good in the first go but she saw her kids loving every bit of their food, she was elated beyond words. P.S. she loved her food too and wrote a blog about it. Read it here-

Little babies are our big priority.

RailYatri cares for your little ones so we have launched a special delivery of hot & fresh milk on train. We deliver milk in hygienically sealed packaging and ensure the highest health standards for you and your family. You can order a carton of milk from our App and it will be delivered right on your seat. We promise to give every little one a tummy full of happiness.

Now that’s a real smart idea for train travelers.

Recently on my train journey to Bhopal I tried the WOW BOX, a food box that is so compact that it just fits into your lap, it is also easy to eat from. I had ordered a Veg Thali and unlike my past experiences the dal had not mixed into the sabji and the curd had not jumped into the salad. Everything was compartmentalized and my Thali also had a wet wipe and cutlery. Loved this innovation from RailYatri.

Kudos to you guys!

We have taken action!

Based on the complains/feedback received from travelers like you, This week we took the big step of parting ways with four of our food providers across the country.

As customers we understand that you demand certain standard quality. We expect that these standards are met with our food partners too. Unfortunately the following 4 could not meet those.

1) @Jaipur – Dimpys Restaurant – Lack of reliability in delivery

2) @Vijayawada – City Treat – Lack of reliability in delivery

3) @Jabalpur – Hi Mirchi – Substandard packaging

4) @Mathura – Divinity Hotel – Food quality

Thanks to all of you travelers who provide us this feedback. Your voice is important to us as we strive to set a high standard of food delivery across nation through RailYatri platform. Continue providing us the feedback. Rest assured – as you can see from above – we will listen and take action when needed.

Just on the same note – we now have new food partners at all the 4 stations above.  Please do check them out next time when you are traveling through these stations.

Wishing you all safe travels this summer.