Lower than the lowest prices on bus tickets!

Agar wahi bus, wahi seat kam daamo mein mile to koi RailYatri se kyun na book karey!! … 🙂  

RailYatri guarantees you the best prices on bus tickets. There are 3 offers that usually run on our app for bus tickets :

1. Discount coupons – There is always maximum discount available,  as compared to any other app.
2. Lower than the lowest – If you are lucky, you can find a seat that also has lower than lowest price. This discount can be clubbed, along with all other running discounts. Wohoo, now that is some BIG discount!
3. Wow!, is there anything more here? – Yes, we bring to you various payment options who also run cashback offers for you…

…This sounds too good, what’s the catch?

There is no catch. However, to keep our information fresh we request our users to share bus / seat feedback which helps us to promote high quality buses and reduce costs. So do share bus feedback for your trip!

Quickly Book bus tickets in 3 easy steps!

RailYatri has a Quick book option for you, as we value your time. Here are the 3 quick steps :
Step 1) Look for this card on home screen of the app or bus ticket page

Step 2) Clicking on this card, would take you to review screen. Which would have all your data pre-filled. Verify the details!
Step 3) Pay for your ticket – best available discount being applied automatically.

You don’t see this card – here’s why?

This card is based on your journey in the app, your booking pattern & searches within the app. It learns based on your interactions with the app, so if you aren’t seeing one, it means you need to come visit us soon!

Search Trains and Buses in one click

train and bus

You want to travel, bas! Right?

Trains might be your choice but Bus could be your safe bet. So that is why we have now integrated both the trains and bus search together.

So when you search for trains between stations, you will now also see the list of buses between the cities of the two stations. Just toggle and compare.

Easy peasy japanesey!

After all RailYatri is all about simplifying travel in India!