RY Cancellation Cover – Know Everything Here!

In just a few days of launching RY Cancellation Cover, we’ve already received plenty of e-mails from our valuable customers showering their love and appreciation towards this new feature. While most of you have sent good wishes, we have also received many queries about this brand new feature, which is a fair ask, provided it is one of the first of it’s kind feature on your favourite app – RailYatri.

We sat down and collated the most common queries. Here are the answers to all of them…

Q. What is RY Cancellation Cover?
A. Ticket cancellation cover is a unique, never like before platform for easy cancellations.  Where customers can insure their entire ticket price, and claim 100% refund of their money in the event of cancellation. Your favourite app РRailYatri joined hands with Edelweiss. After months of hard work, studying user behaviour, in-depth risk analysis and detailed study of the raw data, we carefully crafted RY Cancellation Cover. It is financially viable and genuinely useful for more than 24 million train travellers who use RailYatri everyday.

Q. Do I have to pay anything extra to get RY Cancellation Cover?
A. Yes, like every good thing comes for a price, this too is a paid service whereby you will have to spend a little extra amount as premium, over and above your train ticket price.

Q. How is the premium calculated? Is it fixed?
A. Naah, the premium is not fixed. It is auto-calculated by our user smart back-end. The premium amount may vary depending on various factors such as
i) The train you’re booking for;
ii) Desired travel time – whether day or night;
iii) Distance between boarding and destination station;
iv) Class in which you are travelling;
v) Current ticket status – Confirmed, Waiting, RAC, other; and
vi) Total cost of your ticket

Q. Is it auto-included in the train ticket price?
A. No. We believe in making our customers well aware, and be well informed before making any decision. We want them to spend their hard earned money only on the best of the best services offered by us. At the time of checkout, we encourage our customers to make a conscious decision whether they wish to make an RY Cancellation Covered booking or not. We show a complete clarity of detailed calculation and of the total payable amount.

Q. Is there a minimum time to cancel my ticket(s) to get complete refund?
A. Yes. Customers can get a 100% refund if they cancel their train ticket(s) up-to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time of the train. Giving utmost priority to your convenience, we’ve made sure that you’re completely covered even if you decide to cancel with not even 24 hours left for the departure of your train.

Here we have managed to answer most of the common queries. However, you can still write in to us on feedback@railyatri.in in case you have any further queries. We promise we will get back to you within 24-48 working hours after receiving your mail.