Get 100% Refund The Next Time You Cancel Your Train Ticket

In a bid to constantly elevate the level and enhance innovative features to help more than 24 million train travellers plan their journey smartly, your favourite app RailYatri has come up with a never seen, never heard before flight-like ‘ticket cancellation’ cover. Read on to know all about this unique, path-breaking offering…

It is often very hard for all of us to understand Indian Railways’ rules around ticket cancellation, especially the refund bit as it depends on multiple factors such as class in which one is travelling, ticket status, cancellation period, besides numerous others.

All that you’re worried about, if you decide to cancel your ticket is – “Ab kitna paisa katega? Zyada kuch bachega bhi, ya nahin? (Don’t know how much money will I loose? Will I get anything in refund or will I loose all my money?)

All this adds to the anxiety of the already anxious, sparsely informed train traveller who often overbooks, or books months before the travel date to avoid last minute rush because of a skewed supply-demand ratio.

In fact many of you reached out to us with your grievances, some even boarding a train with a wait listed ticket that actually stands cancelled. Understanding there was a clear need to address this at priority, we joined hands with Edelweiss – the experts of this domain for many years. After months of hard work, studying user behaviour, in-depth risk analysis and detailed study of the raw data, we coined the ‘RY Cancellation Cover’ by which our customers can get a 100% refund if they cancel their train ticket(s) up-to 12 hours before the scheduled departure time. RY Cancellation Cover has been carefully crafted to ensure it is financially viable and genuinely useful for the end user, that is you. In fact, for the very first time, a train traveller will have this privilege while booking, hitherto limited to only airline industry.