One App, Many Languages

Over the past few years, we have garnered immense love from all sections of the society. Starting as an e-information center a few years back, today we are serving millions of travellers across India by helping them plan their train and road (bus and taxi) journeys smartly. In our bid to keep innovating and give our users ‘a little more’, every time they drop by, we’ve just added a multi-language feature to RailYatri as it is always good to speak the language you want your app to speak, so that we can connect better and share a little extra love.

We’re happy to announce that RailYatri is now available in Hindi (हिंदी), Marathi (मराठी), Bengali (বাংলা) and Gujarati (ગુજ્રાતી).

You can simply choose your preferred language and view every button, field name, sections, etc. in that language. We’ve already translated most of the popular sections, and we continue to translate more every-day.

You can simply pick your preferred language right from the start and change it as per your convenience.

Here’s a quick guide for your help:

1) Click on the three dots on the right-hand top of the Home Page and opt ‘Change Language’;

2) Choose your preferred language and click ‘Continue’. It’s done!

With ever increasing number of RailYatri patrons, it’s important to us that they can use their favourite app in their preferred language. This will not just help them make well-informed choices pertaining to their trips, but also manage their security online.