Lower than the lowest prices on bus tickets!

Agar wahi bus, wahi seat kam daamo mein mile to koi RailYatri se kyun na book karey!! … 🙂  

RailYatri guarantees you the best prices on bus tickets. There are 3 offers that usually run on our app for bus tickets :

1. Discount coupons – There is always maximum discount available,  as compared to any other app.
2. Lower than the lowest – If you are lucky, you can find a seat that also has lower than lowest price. This discount can be clubbed, along with all other running discounts. Wohoo, now that is some BIG discount!
3. Wow!, is there anything more here? – Yes, we bring to you various payment options who also run cashback offers for you…

…This sounds too good, what’s the catch?

There is no catch. However, to keep our information fresh we request our users to share bus / seat feedback which helps us to promote high quality buses and reduce costs. So do share bus feedback for your trip!

Quickly Book bus tickets in 3 easy steps!

RailYatri has a Quick book option for you, as we value your time. Here are the 3 quick steps :
Step 1) Look for this card on home screen of the app or bus ticket page

Step 2) Clicking on this card, would take you to review screen. Which would have all your data pre-filled. Verify the details!
Step 3) Pay for your ticket – best available discount being applied automatically.

You don’t see this card – here’s why?

This card is based on your journey in the app, your booking pattern & searches within the app. It learns based on your interactions with the app, so if you aren’t seeing one, it means you need to come visit us soon!

Delightfully Low Prices. No Minimum Order Sizes!

Yes, you read that right! After the revised GST prices, our food prices have fallen. You can now order as much food as you like at delightfully low prices. Not just that, if you wish to order just beverages, or may be a sweet, please go ahead and do that! We have no minimum order size. All this and more only to make your train journeys yummier than the yummiest!

Pepsi boards RailYatri!

Pepsi has boarded the Trains and we’re glad they chose us to be their partners. Now when you order a meal with RailYatri, don’t forget to order your favourite Pepsi along. This is just another step towards making train journeys truly delicious. We’re also continuously adding more items to our food menu so as to offer train travellers with a wide variety of choices to order from. Following are some regional dishes that were recently added

– Lucknowi Kebabs

– Assamese Chicken with Bamboo Shoot & Rice combo

– Rajasthani Dal Baati Choorma

and many more

Check our food on train menu here- https://goo.gl/ekNCLT

When a mother’s train journey became joyful!

Smitha, a mother of two kids boarded the train with a lot of anxiety and doubts. She didn’t have the customary ‘Ghar Ka Dabba’ this time and didn’t want her kids to eat the food being served on train. That was when she decided to try RailYatri. She chose to order a Veg Wow Box for herself and a Chinese Wow Box for her kids. The food arrived on time, on seat and looked good in the first go but she saw her kids loving every bit of their food, she was elated beyond words. P.S. she loved her food too and wrote a blog about it. Read it here- https://goo.gl/iQeBFX

Little babies are our big priority.

RailYatri cares for your little ones so we have launched a special delivery of hot & fresh milk on train. We deliver milk in hygienically sealed packaging and ensure the highest health standards for you and your family. You can order a carton of milk from our App and it will be delivered right on your seat. We promise to give every little one a tummy full of happiness.

Now that’s a real smart idea for train travelers.

Recently on my train journey to Bhopal I tried the WOW BOX, a food box that is so compact that it just fits into your lap, it is also easy to eat from. I had ordered a Veg Thali and unlike my past experiences the dal had not mixed into the sabji and the curd had not jumped into the salad. Everything was compartmentalized and my Thali also had a wet wipe and cutlery. Loved this innovation from RailYatri.

Kudos to you guys!

Train Ticket Booking from Seat Availability

We have now made booking a train ticket much easier for you.

When you search the tickets availability (from Seat Availability feature in the app) – you can simply select the train you are interested you are booking and click on “Book Tickets”. When you get connected to the Agent for the booking – he/she would be aware of the tickets you are interested in and would proceed immediately to book.

We have taken action!

Based on the complains/feedback received from travelers like you, This week we took the big step of parting ways with four of our food providers across the country.

As customers we understand that you demand certain standard quality. We expect that these standards are met with our food partners too. Unfortunately the following 4 could not meet those.

1) @Jaipur – Dimpys Restaurant – Lack of reliability in delivery

2) @Vijayawada – City Treat – Lack of reliability in delivery

3) @Jabalpur – Hi Mirchi – Substandard packaging

4) @Mathura – Divinity Hotel – Food quality

Thanks to all of you travelers who provide us this feedback. Your voice is important to us as we strive to set a high standard of food delivery across nation through RailYatri platform. Continue providing us the feedback. Rest assured – as you can see from above – we will listen and take action when needed.

Just on the same note – we now have new food partners at all the 4 stations above.  Please do check them out next time when you are traveling through these stations.

Wishing you all safe travels this summer.

“Rail Mall” – All your travel purchase related conveniences under one roof!

Dear Travelers –

Travel – in most cases – is about fun and going to destinations we have been dreaming about. For long we had to run to different places just to get few bookings done. Train tickets yahan se, food bookings wahan se and the retiring rooms from a third place! Especially when it came to long distance travel in India.

No more now!

We have now neatly organized easy access to all your travel related purchase needs under one roof You would see that on your app home screen on the card tiled as “Rail Mall”.  Starting from train tickets to food on train to retiring room at your destination – all these bookings can be done from right there. And in case your train ticket has a low probability of getting confirmed – you can book a bus too.

Don’t forget to check out the offers and cashback section too, while you are checking out the Rail Mall.

Happy shopping!


Now track your train ticket refunds through your app.

We understand the need to cancel your train tickets because plans do change!

So we made all the efforts in the app and at the backend to make train ticket cancellation a one click process. Just go to your “My Orders” section on the app. Select the train ticket you would like to cancel (Order Detail).


And click on the cancellation button. (Figure 1) Thats it! We will take care of it after that.

Figure 1: Cancelling a Train Ticket

“Arre bhai, refund ka kya?” you may ask! Well, we have made tracking of that easy too. Simply track the refund updates agavinst the PNR from your app.  (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Tracking Refunds

From our side, we tend to remain super-fast to make sure that your money gets to you as soon as possible. You can track all the actions which goes behind the screen.  (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Regular updates associated with refunds

Where to find Railway Announcements?

Few of our users have wrote to us if we had all the trains related announcements in RailYatri app and if yes, where can they find them?

Good news – we have it!

Not so good news – well, it is slightly hidden in the app. You have to click on “Search” at the bottom of the “Live Announcements” card on the home screen. (Figure 1) You will see all the announcements like Special Trains, Cancellations, Diversions, Time Table changes, etc. nicely organized on the next screen. (Figure 2)


Figure 1: Search under Live Announcements on Home Screen

Figure 2: All announcements, nicely organized!

You can infact search based on your train or your station too.

Still not clear? Just write to us.

Check out for cool new interface for food ordering!


Dear RailYatris – we are doing a lots of new things to enhance your experience while ordering food for your next train journey.

We just launched a cool new interface for ordering food. Check it out!


The new design is focused towards making search much easier, easy preview of food items which can be delivered across the country and traveler feedback.


As the picture above says – “Ab safar hoga swad bhara”

There are somethings we won’t be able to help you with!

Can't Help

Many of you write to us every single day.  We love reading your emails.  A good percentage of you make us feel proud of what we are doing at RailYatri. Some of you also remind us that we need to do lot better to match your expectations. And then there are always some where you make us feel part of you. Below is one such email!

As much as our heart breaks out when we receive emails as below, there are always some things where we find ourselves very short in helping train travelers. This is just that one example.

So sorry, dear friend!


Search Trains and Buses in one click

train and bus

You want to travel, bas! Right?

Trains might be your choice but Bus could be your safe bet. So that is why we have now integrated both the trains and bus search together.

So when you search for trains between stations, you will now also see the list of buses between the cities of the two stations. Just toggle and compare.

Easy peasy japanesey!

After all RailYatri is all about simplifying travel in India!


We will reward you if we go wrong in your PNR confirmation probability.

We know how important this is to you! But all the variability, randomness and seasonality in the system – to make smart guess whether a particular train ticket in wait list can get confirmed aka PNR Confirmation Probability is a tough but very important problem to crack. It is important because it can bring in huge amount of savings from time, cost and anxiety perspective.

So we got ourselves working on getting the PNR ticket confirmation probability right over the last few years.

Bunch of very smart data scientists and engineers with fantastic background took the help of some smart technology and mathematical techniques to extrapolate the future. Techniques such as correlation methods, ANOVA, and touch of stochastic methods have been made to work.

The result – we are now able to make respectable 93-94% predictions right.

And for the ones which go wrong – we analyze each of them. Each of this failure makes our prediction algorithm smarter (thats AI in work).

Infact going forward we are going to put 20 points to the users for whom we failed. We believe that we owe these points to them for two reasons – one for the inconvenience which could have been caused for the wrong prediction and second for thanking them in their contribution to make us smarter.

Travel, Earn and Redeem Points in RailYatri App

earn and redeem

We love your loyalty to traveling by Trains in India!

We appreciate it because you do that despite all the hassles! Tickets in Wait list, late running train and also sometimes with the dhakka-mukki!

And now RailYatri is rewarding you for that. Everytime you travel, we will add points against your RailYatri app.  You will see your points on the home page screen of your app. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Reward Points

And now – what can you do with your points? We are gathering a collection of some amazing products in our Travel Store (see Figure 2) at some great unbeatable prices. Now on top of those guaranteed low prices, you can use your points to get additional discounts. Discount ke upar Discount!

Figure 2: Travel Store

Are we hearing you saying – “Uppar wala jab deta hai, too chappar phad kar deta hai“!

Crossing 1 Crore Mark

We are happy to announce that RailYatri app has just crossed its 1 crore downloads  and that too in a short span of two years. 

The journey of RailYatri started two years back when a handful of technology experts got together to remove the information black-box that shrouds information related to train travelling in India.

RailYatri stepped in to tackle worries of its railway passengers and since then it has always aimed to be the capable train travel advisor helping passengers make informed decisions.

Its this innovative approach that has gained the trust of users throughout the country and has added another golden feather to its cap – 1 crore downloads.

We are endlessly committed towards better experiences of train travellers thus keeping up with the expectations of our users.